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Maestro mini

A project that began with the intent of creating a monitor that encompasses all the goals of the upcoming MAESTRO series, at the lowest possible cost.

• 20dB hyper-controlled bass shelf

• 7dB pinna gain

• 2dB/octave descending treble extension 3kHz - 25kHz


3D printed sound channels and a proprietary bass chamber tuned for perfect control. 

Maestro mini

Deepest bass on the planet

Listen at your own risk


1 Year Warranty

Free DHL Express Shipping
Tax and Duties Included

*Due to overwhelming orders, do expect a 10-15 working day lead time for your parcel to be shipped. Thank you for your kind patience and understanding! All orders are shipped FREE with DHL Priority Express


There's really... nothing on the market that is this bass boosted... [with] this control under 300Hz. It rumbles your ear and you can feel that sense of physicality in the sub-bass frequency.


A true Basshead IEM without compromises... This is the only IEM I can think of that has this cannon worthy amount of bass to satisfy basically any Basshead imaginable

This is a HEDONISTIC amount of bass... a ton of bass and yet very much well controlled, and the rest of the Mid-range tonality is also very good... 5/5

Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews

If you're into EDM, Trip Hop, or Hip Hop libraries - This is probably the best set you can get for your money... Period. It literally vibrates in your ear!

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