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Maestro SE

To perform your best, hearing high-resolution mixes is not enough - you have to feel it pumping in your veins.


Packed with Tribrid technology, Maestro SE utilizes a combination of Dynamic, Balanced armature, and Quad electrostatic drivers for best-in-class airiness on the highs and ultra-highs, supported with a powerful yet controlled low-end for ultimate head-thumping goodness!


Maestro SE.jpg

Maestro SE

Deepest bass on the planet
Tribrid Technology

Quad EST Drivers

Private Configuration

$2550 (SGD)

1 Year Warranty

Free DHL Express Shipping

$2800 (SGD)

*Due to overwhelming orders, do expect a 10-15 working day lead time for your parcel to be shipped. Thank you for your kind patience and understanding! All orders are shipped FREE with DHL Priority Express

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